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Reduce, Recycle, Reward… Innovative Solutions Earn AV Company Praise

Project Overview:

For Grupo Tecnologico de Panama, environmental responsibility is more than just an ideal; it is a singular commitment that shapes the projects the company undertakes and the products it brings to the market.

A member of the AV industry for over a decade, Grupo Tecnologico de Panama began to focus on self described "Environmental Good Practices" in 2005. The shift in focus was prompted by a genuine concern about the problems of global warming and a desire not only to prevent future damage to the world but to discover new ways to fix the damage that has already been done.

With these goals in mind, Grupo Tecnologico de Panama developed its Recycled Projector Lamp Kits. Understanding that much of the difficulty with recycling lamps lies in the proper handling and disposal of toxic components, the company researched safe, environmentally responsible practices from other companies doing similar work in the United States. The company's research and diligent efforts paid off. Grupo Tecnologico de Panama was able to perfect a recycling process that generates a new product to meet customer demands while simultaneously reducing waste and eliminating the spread of contaminants into the environment.

In addition to satisfied customers, Grupo Tecnologico de Panama earned two prestigious awards for its work. In 2007, the company received an award from the Panamanian Environmental Ministry for Best Small Company Implementing Clean Technology and another from the Technology Bureau for Science in Panama, recognizing Grupo Tecnologico de Panama as one of the year's top Innovating Small Companies.

The quest to develop and share environmentally responsible technologies does not stop with the acceptance of these awards, nor is it limited to the Recycled Projector Lamp Kits Project. On the horizon is a project in conjunction with the United Nations Program for the Environment working to develop and promote the use of clean technologies in schools and universities. Also coming up, Grupo Tecnologico de Panama is investigating new systems to lower energy consumption and reduce consumer energy bills by up to thirty percent.

Luis Rios, Service Manager for the company, echoes the commitment that defines his company's success, connecting the excitement over receiving the awards with the company's the "deep concern with global warming problems." Sincere concern that inspires smarter technologies and safer products is a shining example of how Green Ideas become Great Ideas.

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