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Spotlight on Green Life Smart Life: A Smart Life and a Great Space for Green AV

Project Overview:

Green Life Smart Life exemplifies the marriage of environmental responsibility and technological innovation. The company centers around a custom house that integrates Green building and smart technology and fosters environmentally responsible practices for interface with the building and technology. According to Ashley Daigneault of Green Life Smart Life, the company is "dedicated to educating consumers, builders, and integrators on how to integrate technology and green living… and drive awareness and adoption across the country."

The company is off to a great start with the custom house in New England, which has received an "overwhelming response" across all sectors of the industry. With the Consumer Electronics Association as a Platinum Sponsor and companies like Pella, National Lumber, OminiMount, Project Green AV and many more, Green Life Smart Life’s commitment to Green building, Green AV and environmentally responsible technology resonates with industry insiders and end users alike.

The house is a showcase for integrators and builders, where individuals are able to see that Green living can embrace the newest technologies to their full capacity, without compromise. As Ms. Daigneault explains, Green Life Smart Life proves that "modern lifestyle can also be eco-friendly."

The Green Life Smart Life house boasts hallmarks of Green AV like LCDs and home automation. Integrators discuss work done in the demo house in webinars that allow professionals and individuals to access information about smart ways to install and use cutting edge environmentally responsible products.

Embracing the spirit of turning Green Ideas into Great Ideas, Green Life Smart Life extends its commitment to Green AV beyond the walls of the house. The company's website highlights its many building, AV and electronics sponsors. It provides information necessary to make smart decisions for both homes and offices and features a blog with updates on the progress of the house and useful tips for Green living for the tech savvy.

With plans to grow in other parts of the country, stay on the lookout for more Great Green ideas in action from Green Life Smart Life.