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Westminster College AV: Reduce, Recycle, Reach Out

Spotlight on AV Spin : A New Green AV Team Tackles E-Waste
Featuring: Westminster College AV

Project Overview:

The AV staff at Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA partnered with Pittsburg-based E-Stewards Program approved A GreenSpan to hold an electronics recycling event that collected 3,176 pounds of equipment from students, faculty, staff and the community.

The AV Staff is led by Gary Swanson, the director, Katie Hilliard, assistant director, and AV assistant operations manager Rachel Hoffman. 

Hoffman was impressed by the turnout, saying that it represents "an increased awareness among college students about the importance of environmental responsibility and recycling." 

According to Hoffman and the AV staff, the AV department is an ideal campus leader in environmental responsibility because it witnesses first-hand the cost and opportunities for saving energy and resources and properly handling hazardous materials.

Through recycling events and other efforts, the AV department has become a source of Green information for the campus at large.  The department's goal, according to Swanson, is to "be responsible technology users" and lead the way for the university to do the same.

PHOTO CREDIT: Westminster College AV Staff

This was Westminster's second event, resulting in a total of 5,376 pounds of equipment recycled last academic year.

The recycling event with A GreenSpan was part of a larger Green commitment by the AV Staff that includes a battery recycling program across the campus and wattage counters for use by the department.

Westminster College makes use of smart strips and power monitors, sends the school's projector lamps to be rebuilt and conserves resources and shipping materials in the office.

To supplement their events and campus-wide programs, Westminster created a Think Green webpage.


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