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Project Overview:

TechCept is an AV design/build firm established in 2004. The company has worked with a variety of clients including Universal, America's Most Wanted and more.

With "honesty, integrity and loyalty" as the key values that make up the company and the relationships it builds, the recent move into environmentally responsible AV solutions was a logical step.

The founders of TechCept began the transition to Green AV after reading about advancements in Green Building and wondering "why aren't we doing anything on the AV side?"

Lisa Swetitsch, Vice President of Techcept guided the company's transition by asking "what will happen if we hone in on the environmental opportunities, and what will happen if we don't?" and searching for answers from "forward thinkers" including Project Green AV and the InfoComm Green AV Task Force.

Raising awareness is the first step in adopting and promoting Green AV as standard practice across the industry, according to TechCept. This begins as the company's own Green AV evolution began, with conducting research and understanding what it means to be environmentally responsible through both products and usage.

Swetitsch feels the Green AV Task Force helps to initiate conversations about what the industry as a whole can do to improve its environmental profile and use the technology and creativity at its disposal to contribute to responsible decision making in design and implementation.

In addition to opportunity, Ms. Swetitsch is keenly aware of the challenges that face AV companies that want to make environmental responsibility central business practices and the products and services they offer clients in the design and implementation phases of large scale projects.

She readily admits that in many cases the company sees, project design hasn't caught up with the rhetoric of Greening the industry. Challenges face Techcept in acquiring products to use and suggest to clients and in integrating Green AV design into Green Building projects.

At the same time, TechCept values "being a part of something that's positive and needed for the environment" and embraces the opportunity to be a forward thinker in the industry. Techcept recognizes that there is "so much energy conservation to be had in the AV industry" and that the industry is evolving. Even if "AV [has been] slow in getting on the wagon," the industry is poised to "be part of the wave of trying to save the planet" through research, innovation and action.

Based in Florida, Techcept is finding success and growth with its Green AV projects. The company is expanding into energy management systems in hospitality and corporate settings. Based on recent success, large scale projects on the horizon and high profile customers interested in TechCept's energy management systems and Green AV solutions, the company is sure that the "momentum has begun" for success in Green AV across the industry.

When asked about the effects of the downturn in the economy on the viability of Green AV in the future, Swetitsch says that "once the economy levels out, this is going to soar."

Project Green AV looks forward to reporting on the heights that TechCept reaches on the Green AV stage.