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Spotlight on Lencore: A Whole Environment Approach to Green AV

Project Overview:

Lencore Acoustics has a straightforward approach to environmental sustainability: consider the "whole environment," which is exactly what the company strives to do in its products and in-house business practices. 

Whole environmental quality, particularly acoustic environmental quality, guides Lencore in design and manufacturing and is a directive for end user product satisfaction. Marketing Director Jodi Jacobs describes it as "a proactive approach to building environments that provide privacy and comfort”  Their energy efficient systems address speech privacy in office and health care settings and afford occupants the ability to communicate, collaborate and concentrate. Lencore is driven by the long-term concern that "we have a planet to live in and we have to be aware" of our impact and the short-term necessity to respond to customer needs with products that improve the quality of the immediate environment around them.  For Lencore those customer environments include health care, education and corporate where optimal performance with minimal energy usage is required for usability and sustainability.

Lencore products are manufactured in the US and made of recycled materials and waste reduction is a benchmark of the process.  The products themselves when installed, "create environmentally positive work environments.”

Like much AV equipment, sound masking products cannot switch to power off mode and still perform as designed (an audible on/off defeats the purpose of the product) but the power requirements are low thanks in part to a step-down transformer that reduces the voltage by over 20 volts compared to other manufacturers.

The company is working on extending its environmentally responsible, low waste approach to daily operations including office recycling programs.  As Jodi shares, the company has systems in place for “product materials but not necessarily in the breakroom."  She recognizes "changes have been made within the company" from switching computer fonts, to using recycled paper and encouraging scanning over photocopying to save on ink and paper, to sourcing office materials responsibly.  All of these work to "make [Lencore] a more conscientious corporation."

In-house business practices that are in sync with responsible product manufacturing underscore the "whole environment" approach.  Lencore looks at "the environmental impact on the day to day lives of people in addition to the impact of energy consumption on the planet."

This comes into play in many ways, including using sound masking products to improve patient hospital stays.  Using responsibly manufactured products to create comfortable environments that promote personal health and the planet's sustainability is Green AV in action.


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