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Spotlight on AV Spin : A New Green AV Team Tackles E-Waste

Spotlight on AV Spin : A New Green AV Team Tackles E-Waste
Featuring: AV Spin

Project Overview:

AV Spin, Spinitar's brand new AV distributor site (formerly that provides products, services and tutorials, hosted an e-waste recycling event that brought out employees, clients and neighbors this spring.

Spin Cycle, the first of what the company plans to make an annual event, saved a variety of electronics from landfills, where they would have leached hazardous substances into the soil.  Products collected include TVs, LCDs, mobile phones, laptops and multiple pieces of office and home electronics equipment.

"People aren't sure what to do with their [electronics]... recycling is a little difficult for e-waste, a little inconvenient," says Melinda Ziemer, Marketing Specialist for AV Spin.

The one day event simplified the process.  AV Spin managed all of the follow-up and guaranteed that the products collected were recycled properly and safely. 

FedEx was one of the most satisfied event participants.  Ziemer explains that the shipping company, which conducts paper recycling efforts, was excited to have a source for electronics recycling.

AV Spin's parent company, Spinitar, is becoming a source for Green AV.  The company that began as a distributor in 1986 has grown to a large distribution warehouse and a full scale AV systems integrator with strategies to "do more for environmental issues."

Efforts include establishing a recycling division and the new AV Spin, which promotes the company's environmental commitment to clients and employees.

In addition to events like Spin Cycle, the company builds recycling into service contracts for systems integrator clients.

Ziemer recognizes that Green efforts like AV Spin's e-waste recycling event contribute to environmental wellness and strengthen a company's presence, and reputation, in the market.  The event, according to Ziemer, "helped us foster relationships we already have."

Meet the new AV Spin team and learn more about their Green AV strategies at InfoComm.


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