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Project Green AV helps AV professionals navigate STEP to find opportunities and insight for Green projects, products and practices.

STEP Checklist
The STEP checklist outlines products and practices AV pros need to know to encorporate STEP into their projects.

STEP Foundation Website
Launched on Nov 1, the STEP website connects the industry to the full STEP rating system, reference points, pilot program applications and more.

From Green to Sustainable AV How the STEP Rating System Can Get You There
On demand webinar, available from InfoComm on how STEP helps AV pros achieve sustainability.

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Smart Building Technology (SBT)
SBT (also sometimes called Integrated Building Technology/IBT) moves AV into the total building control space, beyond AV systems themselves to whole building control, security and HVAC and it is an important consideration when looking at projects for STEP.

Learn more about SBT.

International Green Construction Code
The just passed International Green Construction Code provides new guidelines for Green Building.  As the IGCC and STEP continue to grow, look to these resources for Green Building projects.

Read InfoComm's assessment of how the IGCC impacts Green AV.


STEP: Benchmarks and Notes from Allen Weidman, InfoComm International Sustainability Officer and Executive Director of the STEP Foundation

By Allen Weidman

The Sustainable Technology Environments Program (STEP) is a rating system and guide managed by the STEP Foundation, a non-profit organization comprised of technology trade associations representatives, their members and STEP supporters. At its core, STEP is intended to bring sustainability to the process of planning, designing, integrating and operating technology systems, as well as reduce long-term environmental impact from technology deployment.

STEP is envisioned to encompass all building information communication technologies into a phase-by-phase, sustainable deployment process. STEP not only accounts for the ongoing energy consumption of information technology systems, but also for the reduction of raw materials in the deployment of information technology solutions and indoor environmental quality of technology-rich environments. STEP also encourages the use of information technologies to make buildings smarter and reduce paper consumption, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with travel.

Now the real work begins: putting STEP into practice and educating multiple industries on the benefits of implementing green technology systems. But do you know all there is to know about STEP? Do you know what it encompasses and how you can use it today? Do you know where the program is heading? Learn more today.

Pulse on STEP
STEP: Insight from Allen Weidman
On November 2, at the first ever GovComm, InfoComm announced the launch of the STEP Foundation website.  Project Green AV sat down with Allen Weidman, InfoComm International Sustainability Officer and Executive Director of the STEP Foundation, to offer the industry more clarity about what this program is and what it means for our AV industry.  Allen shared his insights on STEP, its evolution and plans for the future as an environmentally responsible rating system for the AV industry. Read more

SBT: Whole Building Responsibility; Industry Opportunity
Energy monitoring and remote systems control continue to be driving forces in Green AV. Monitoring and control present new opportunities for the AV industry to grow and to push environmental responsibility in ways that help AV maintain its position as a vital and necessary industry in the face of changing technology and the convergence of AV and IT.

STEP–Perhaps we should step lightly at first (Christopher Maione)
The Sustainable Technology Environments Program was launched by InfoComm earlier this year with efforts to develop a “comprehensive program” with an AV sustainability rating system.

Project Green AV Review of InfoComm STEP Rating System Draft 1
Congratulations to InfoComm and all in the industry who worked together to create this first draft of the STEP Rating System.  This is exemplary work and a major stride for Green AV.
The STEP Rating System hits on two of the most important topics in Green AV for the future.  First, STEP wisely focuses on the full cycle of equipment, awarding points for re-use, sourcing reclaimed equipment and putting in place environmentally responsible plans for equipment's end of life (including recycling). 

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