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Green AV UniversityIn our ongoing mission to provide the audiovisual industry with access to information, education and opportunities for collaboration on Green AV projects, products and news, Project Green AV has partnered with TCO Development to present the webinar series, Green AV University.

Green AV University is a complimentary webinar series open to all audiovisual professionals seeking more information on the practical application of Green AV including best practices; ROI success stories; challenges and opportunities for manufacturers; and opportunities for collaboration and communication about sustainable audiovisual solutions.

Structure Sustainable AV: How Guidelines, Standards and Programs Empower AV Pros

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August 21, 2012
11:00AM – 12:00PM EDT
Featured Speaker: Christopher Maione (President, Christopher Maione Associates)

Event Description

Understanding and applying guidelines, standards and programs empower Green AV professionals to create smarter, more successful Green AV innovations.  From products to installations, performance to end of life management, dedicated guidelines, standards and programs build the structure for successful, sustainable AV.

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The What, Why & How of Sustainable AV
April 18, 2012
11:30AM – 12:30PM EDT
Featured Speaker: Bill Lally, LEED-AP (Principal, Mode:Green)
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We asked our Green AV University Webinar #1 attendees to send us their Green AV success stories.  Share more about your products, practices and projects with us and help your colleagues learn more about successful sustainable AV.

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The Green AV University webinar series a series of complimentary webinars for the audiovisual industry, co-presented by Project Green AV and TCO Development to promote best practices and practical application for sustainable AV.  To inquire about sponsorship or to contribute content suggestions or reports for consideration, please contact Project Green AV.