• 4 Considerations Before Sourcing Green AV

    PGAV and RelampIt’s Gina Sansivero outlines some items to consider while sourcing AV equipment to make your purchasing more responsibly minded.  This article was run in AV Technology Magazine November 2013.

    I have been asked many times where one can locate greener AV products or with whom they can consult for greener designs and installs. Unfortunately, since AV equipment most often consumes large amounts of energy, are built using a variety of toxic materials and are often assembled overseas, many products necessary to an installation are not considered green. Clearly, it’s a more complicated answer than it seems. However, there are a number of points to keep in mind that can help make your AV requirements more responsible.…

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  • Spotlight on AMX: Culture of Sustainability

    AMX is committed to a culture of sustainability, a culture that extends to product design, use and lifecycle management but also on-site facilities management and employee behavior.  The company is integrating sustainability into more building systems and has, as Michael Carter, Director of Integrated Building Solutions at AMX says, “adopted the mantle of sustainability.”

    “We are strong believers in sustainability and that helps drive initiatives,” shares Michael.  With AMX’s focus on smart, integrated building technologies, the aim is not only to make the AV more sustainable but to make whole facilities more efficient and sustainable now and over time.

    Michael understands sustainability in a broad context that encapsulates AMX’s culture of sustainability: “a sustainable business is not just whether you make products or operate in a sustainable model… sustainability is about long-term, being able to continue doing what you want to do.”  To describe AMX’s long-range view of sustainability, Michael looks to the United Nations’ founding documents on sustainability, explaining, “the UN commission on sustainability… is doing no harm to future generations… and that includes everything you do.”  For AMX, this accurately represents the company’s methodology. …

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  • Product Green: Linked2 Software, Q&A with Richard Blackwell

    linked2 software project green avRichard Blackwell founded Linked2 Software in January2012 with the aim to provide a cloud based, open source solution for energy management.

    Linked2Software is a sustainable, consistent solution for classrooms and other facilities, saving users money, time and effort.

    The company understands that “in pyramid of intelligent room, control software is on the top” and creates flexible solutions that allow customers to choose the hardware they prefer.

    We sat down with Richard to discuss the evolution of Linked2 Software, the impact of open source, cloud based solutions on the education market and the sustainability profile of his product.

    Why are open source cloud based solutions the answer for energy management in the education space?

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  • Draper Brings Lifecycle Management to New Product

    Draper EcoMatt Project Green AVScreen manufacturer Draper brings total lifecycle design to AV products with its new Cradle to Cradlecm Silver certified front projection screen, the Ecomatt XT700E.  In addition to the cradle to cradle certification that takes into account total product lifecycle and recyclable materials, the Ecomatt is RoHS compliant and GREENGUARD Certified for use in schools.

    The Ecomatt screen is manufactured with certified environmentally responsible components; it is free of PVCs and constructed of 100% recyclable polyester yarn.

    Cradle-to-Cradle Certification

    The  Ecomatt XT700E is the first viewing surface to obtain Cradle to Cradlecm Silver certification.  Like other more familiar eco-certifications for AV and technology equipment including TCO Certified, Energy Star, RoHS and WEEE, The Cradle to Cradle Certified® program is a third party certification that takes into account multiple facets of a product from design, to materials and manufacturing processes. …

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  • Spotlight on Audio Video Invasion: Synthesizing Green AV Education and Action

    Audio Video Invasion (AVI), located in Plainview, NY, builds environmental responsibility and CSR into its operations and promotes energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in AV installations.

    The company seeks AV components and products manufactured in the USA.  Ellen Giuffrida, Executive Assistant/Marketing and Media, boasts of some of the American made audiovisual products that her company installs: Triad and James Loudspeakers; Middle Atlantic Products rack systems; Vutec, Draper, and DaLite projector screens as well as home theater and AV cabinetry furniture made in the US of sustainable materials.

    For the past five years, Audio Video Invasion has improved internal Green business practices starting by recycling cardboard packaging for shipments, using recycled office products and outfitting office space with dimmable and programmable, motion sensor enabled lighting and HVAC control.…

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  • Green AV Programming: A Total Environmental Approach

    In the Green AV context, control systems programming emerges as the fusion of many of the approaches that guide environmental responsibility across the audiovisual industry.  Like lifecycle awareness, total environmental profile and integrated building technology, programming takes a holistic view of AV and applies solutions for energy efficiency, cost savings, and lifecycle and performance considerations to create a high performance, low environmental impact system experience.

    In one of our earliest Project Green AV Voices pieces (“Green AV through Control Systems Programming”), Steve Greenblatt, President of Control Concepts, shared his thoughts on programming as a fundamental Green AV activity and a clear-cut way to improve the environmental impact of systems of all types. …

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  • AMX Enova DVX-3150 – An All-In-One with All the Right Stuff

    Equipment that fulfills multiple functions not only saves space but is generally more cost effective. Specifically for AV, reducing the number of devices in a typical rack offers a variety of benefits that translate into financial, material and energy savings as well as responsible procurement. This is especially true for the new Enova DVX-3150 from AMX.

    The Enova DVX-3150 is an all-in-one switcher which replaces up to 10 different rack components. There is an obvious financial benefit to removing that many devices from a typical rack. However, beyond the financial benefit is the energy savings (think: even MORE financial benefits).…

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  • PGAV Whole Building Responsible

    Whole Building Responsibility; Industry Opportunity through Integrated Building Technology

    Whole Building Responsibility; Industry Opportunity through Integrated Building Technology

    Energy monitoring and remote systems control continue to be driving forces in Green AV. Monitoring and control present new opportunities for the AV industry to grow and to push environmental responsibility in ways that help AV maintain its position as a vital and necessary industry in the face of changing technology and the convergence of AV and IT.

    Integrated Building Technologies (IBT), also known as Smart Building Technologies, move AV into the total building control space, beyond AV systems themselves to whole building control, security and HVAC.

    In addition to the avenues for business growth that IBT represents it affirms a connection between Green AV theory and practice.…

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  • Manufacturing In US

    Comprehensive Sustainability through Manufacturing: A Look at US Manufacturing of AV Products

    Environmental responsibility is a whole system process that coordinates design, sourcing, implementation, use, end of life management, supply chain management, packaging, shipping and fair labor.  Environmental responsibility is an architect of comprehensive sustainability founded on corporate social responsibility and future-focused commitments.

    To delve deeper into comprehensive sustainability at work in the audiovisual industry, Project Green AV is starting closest to home with a look at US manufacturing of AV products.  As we continue our research and commitment to industry-wide global environmental responsibility, we look forward to featuring advancements in responsible production and distribution throughout the Americas, in Europe, Australia and Asia.…

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  • Spotlight on Lockheed Martin: Bringing New Life to AV Equipment

    Lockheed Martin - AV Recycling

    Joseph Julian, Multimedia Products Analyst at Lockheed Martin, saves the brackets from the walls.  He saves every piece of AV equipment and ancillary equipment from installations, rooms and offices in an “AV graveyard” and manages them through a complex database that guarantees none of Lockheed Martin’s equipment- whatever size- will end up in landfills.

    For Julian, who manages the database that links existing equipment to new projects and “dispositioned” equipment to AV electronics recycling, environmental responsibility is a key value.  The entire facilities group has undergone LEED AP training and has developed a culture, spearheaded by Julian, to “look first to use equipment that we have” for all projects. …

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  • IStock 000016066249Large

    Talking about Green AV and US Manufacturing

    Talking about Green AV and US Manufacturing

    We’ve been discussing US manufacturing from the Green AV perspective over on our Project Green AV LinkedIn Group and would like to hear more from you.

    Does your company manufacture in the United States?

    Share your thoughts with us on US manufacturing- comment below or jump over to LinkedIn to check out what industry peers have shared.

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  • 1465991

    Project Green AV Recycling Program Grows

    Project Green AV is pleased to report that the AV industry is embracing our new AV and E-Waste Recycling Program.

    Project Green AV offers no cost, zero waste recycling for all audiovisual equipment as well as electronics and IT products.

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  • Product Green: LynTec Circuit Breaker Panels

    LynTec Circuit Breaker Panels Offer Convenience & Energy Efficiencies

    Every once in a while an opportunity appears in the AV industry which didn’t exist a year ago – and we look around and say “that product now meets this new need.”  This is exactly the case with regards to the LynTec RPC Series Circuit Breaker Panels. Their controllable, networkable motorized circuit breaker panel meets many of the electrical power monitoring & control required for an energy efficient installation.  The LynTec RPC circuit breaker panels include web enabled control and monitoring making remote access easy.

    Take for example any medium – large scale AV system where multiple AC circuits are required.

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  • How far is your Green vision? – AV/IT Convergence Produces Green AV By Steve Greenblatt, CTS

    The capabilities and applications for AV control systems have grown exponentially since their introduction to the Ethernet network over a decade ago. Ethernet connectivity first produced the ability to connect systems across a computer network, provide webpage control, and support control of AV devices via an Ethernet port, which was ground breaking at the time.

    As IT acceptance has progressed, control systems have moved from isolated or localized Ethernet networks to corporate, educational, or institutional networks supporting the ability to provide remote access and monitoring of systems.

    Only by leveraging the IT network, the ability to provide a Greener system on a large scale becomes a reality.

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  • Spotlight on Lencore: A Whole Environment Approach to Green AV

    Project Overview: Lencore Acoustics has a straightforward approach to environmental sustainability: consider the “whole environment,” which is exactly what the company strives to do in its products and in-house business practices.

    Whole environmental quality, particularly acoustic environmental quality, guides Lencore in design and manufacturing and is a directive for end user product satisfaction. Marketing Director Jodi Jacobs describes it as “a proactive approach to building environments that provide privacy and comfort” Their energy efficient systems address speech privacy in office and health care settings and afford occupants the ability to communicate, collaborate and concentrate. Lencore is driven by the long-term concern that “we have a planet to live in and we have to be aware” of our impact and the short-term necessity to respond to customer needs with products that improve the quality of the immediate environment around them.

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  • Spotlight on Da-Lite: Environmentally Responsible Inside and Out

    Da-Lite Screen Company won the InfoComm Green AV Award in 2011 for putting environmentally responsible ideas into action in products like its Green Guard certified screens but the manufacturer does the same in its own business practices, facility operation and community outreach.

    In addition to holding ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, Da-Lite’s global headquarters in Warsaw, Indiana, is a zero landfill facility that practices lean manufacturing.  Lean manufacturing means less scrap, less reworked product and a mandate to continue to improve the environmental impact of the manufacturing process. Wendy Cox, Vice President of Marketing for Da-Lite explains that, in addition to promoting environmental quality, the focus on environmental responsibility in the manufacturing process “helps Da-Lite be a more efficient manufacturer, allows for better lead time and quicker turn around.”  The company recognizes that it is “not just what we do but what people we are supporting and companies we work with are doing” and as a result, maintains sustainability objects throughout its supply chain, packaging and distribution channels.…

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  • STEP: Insight from Allen Weidman

    On November 2, at the first ever GovComm, InfoComm announced the launch of the STEP Foundation website.  Project Green AV sat down with Allen Weidman, InfoComm International Sustainability Officer and Executive Director of the STEP Foundation, to offer the industry more clarity about what this program is and what it means for our AV industry.  Allen shared his insights on STEP, its evolution and plans for the future as an environmentally responsible rating system for the AV industry.

    STEP, once an InfoComm initiative, has grown into the STEP Foundation.  The Foundation is a collaboration among InfoComm, BICSI, CompTIA, and TIA.  Together, the four trade associations “work in unison to focus on value for all members” in service to environmental responsibility and opportunities. 

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  • Draper : GreenScreen Revive

    Spiceland, Ind – Draper, Inc. is continuing the company’s commitment to sustainable building products with the introduction of a new eco-friendly window shade fabric. Draper’s all-new GreenScreen Revive provides excellent solar control, reducing heat and glare while offering a remarkably clean view through to the outdoors owing to its finely knitted weave. This fire retardant, PVC-free fabric is constructed of 100% polyester yarn, with a minimum of 89% REPREVE® polyester. REPREVE is recycled and recyclable, contains low VOC’s, and is made in the USA.

    GreenScreen® Revive fabric is made with REPREVE polyester. REPREVE is made from 100% recycled materials, making it one of the most earth-friendly ingredients you’ll find anywhere. 

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  • Spotlight on TCO: Certifications for Performance & the Environment

    Project Overview: TCO Development began certifying IT products for performance and environmental responsibility nearly two decades ago. The company that started by looking at the health, safety and performance of displays, more recently moved into the AV sector by addressing the environmental impact of projectors and opening 3 new labs in Asia this July. Of TCO’s presence in Green AV certification, Annika Overödder, the Business Area Manager for Communication Technology, Projectors at TCO, says it is a “natural extension” of TCO’s mission.

    Clare Hobby, Regional Manager for North America, adds that the company is “excited [its certifications are] coming to AV [because] people are looking for this kind of solution.”

    The solution is based on a commitment to certify products that achieve superior performance and environmental responsibility without sacrificing one for the other.

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  • CEA eCycling Leadership Initiative: Not Just a Green Business Idea, A New Business Plan

    Project Overview: Project Green AV had the pleasure of speaking with Walter Alcorn, CEA’s Vice President for Environmental Affairs and Industry Sustainability, to learn more about the motivation for the newly launched eCycling Leadership Initiative, the implementation of Green business practices and how CEA sees its role in promoting new business opportunities for manufacturers.

    Achieving the Goals of the CEA eCycling Leadership Initiative

    This month, CEA launched the eCycling Leadership Initiative, the first ever industry-wide electronics recycling initiative with the goal of recycling one billion pounds of electronics equipment in one year (three times the amount of electronics recycled in 2010).

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  • AV and a Simple Green Approach

    By M. Wurch; Mary Meeker Design, Inc.

    AV and Green can seem to be an opposing conversation – Technology takes energy to run so therefore, how can AV be “Green”? For AV, it is a matter of how we conserve energy and natural resources that means most in conquering “Green.” It starts with a small piece that leads to bigger and better savings in areas of energy consumption, recycling, reuse and document reduction. Facebook and QTS data centers were just awarded LEED™ Gold Certification and Facebook reports running 52% more energy efficient. Think about the total energy consumption in a data center.…

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  • Spotlight on Fultech: Smart Solutions, Cost Savings and the Ease of Green AV

    Project Overview: After 15 years in the commercial and residential automation business, Fultech Solutions and CEO Dan Fulmer want everyone to know that “smart homes [and corporate facilities] are not just fancy widgets.” The smart facilities that Dan and his team at Fultech create exemplify environmental responsibility and longevity without sacrificing technology and performance.

    The Fultech showroom in Jacksonville, Florida has earned rave reviews from CEPro and the USGBC. Fultech built the showroom to demonstrate that Building Management Systems and smart integration are not just the domain of HVAC. Systems can scale up to manage lighting, security, and IT to conserve and manage energy, improve performance and save money over time.

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  • Project Green AV Tours Middle Atlantic Woodshop Caption

    The Middle Atlantic Products Ecosystem: ISO Certification is Just the Beginning

    Fairfield, New Jersey-based Middle Atlantic Products obtained ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management Systems in October 2010.  But certification from an internationally recognized standards organization is only a piece of the environmental picture at this successful, inspiring AV manufacturer.

    Middle Atlantic Products, founded by Bob Schluter, manufactures AV racks and other system support and protection products, including custom furniture.   All products are manufactured on-site at Middle Atlantic facilities.  As Founder and Chief Engineer of Middle Atlantic Products, Bob is a Green AV pioneer who has built energy and material conservation into manufacturing processes and business practices since he started the company in 1979.

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  • Product Green: Arrive Corp’s RoomPoint


    Following its international success, Arrive Corp is entering the US market with a series of products that bring high functionality and environmental responsibility to the AV space.  Rakesh Ranchod, Product Manager, brought the company to InfoComm Vegas this year.  He offered a sneak preview of products due out by year end that were “extremely well received.”

    Arrive’s new products are part of its NX.GEN.AV, a combined hardware-software-service model that consolidates on-premise applications and flexible online services for scheduling, collaboration, resource management, and signal management.

    NX.GEN.AV products are designed with space reduction, energy reduction, and cradle to grave lifecycle responsibility in mind.

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  • Green AV: Set the Standard

    It’s safe to say that the Green AV Revolution is over. The audio visual industry is now facing the practical reality of developing and applying consistent, repeatable, cost-effective and recognizable environmentally responsible business practices, processes and products.

    Last November, when Project Green AV held a Green AV standards and certifications webinar there were over 400 Green certifications floating around the business and consumer markets. Recently, environmentalLeader reported that “95% consumer products mislead with ‘Green’ claims.”

    In the fervor of 2008-2009, Green became gold in most industries.  Claims of environmental responsibility provided a new way to sell products to consumers who were otherwise reticent to spend money in an unstable economy. …

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  • Westminster College AV: Reduce, Recycle, Reach Out


    Project Overview: The AV staff at Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA partnered with Pittsburg-based E-Stewards Program approved A GreenSpan to hold an electronics recycling event that collected 3,176 pounds of equipment from students, faculty, staff and the community.

    The AV Staff is led by Gary Swanson, the director, Katie Hilliard, assistant director, and AV assistant operations manager Rachel Hoffman.

    Hoffman was impressed by the turnout, saying that it represents “an increased awareness among college students about the importance of environmental responsibility and recycling.”

    According to Hoffman and the AV staff, the AV department is an ideal campus leader in environmental responsibility because it witnesses first-hand the cost and opportunities for saving energy and resources and properly handling hazardous materials.

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  • Spotlight on AV Spin : A New Green AV Team Tackles E-Waste

    Project Overview: AV Spin, Spinitar’s brand new AV distributor site (formerly AllProjectors.com) that provides products, services and tutorials, hosted an e-waste recycling event that brought out employees, clients and neighbors this spring.

    Spin Cycle, the first of what the company plans to make an annual event, saved a variety of electronics from landfills, where they would have leached hazardous substances into the soil. Products collected include TVs, LCDs, mobile phones, laptops and multiple pieces of office and home electronics equipment.

    “People aren’t sure what to do with their [electronics]… recycling is a little difficult for e-waste, a little inconvenient,” says Melinda Ziemer, Marketing Specialist for AV Spin.

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  • Product Green: Lucid Design

    Product Green AV: Winter 2009
    Lucid Design Makes Integration Easy

    Green Building is more than just bricks and mortar (or sustainable FSC Certified beams and organic flooring).  AV equipment contributes to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in ways that should mark a standard for Green Building.  Integration and power monitoring are key components to Green AV and Green Buildings.

    Whether or not your company or customer is seeking LEED Certification, integration and monitoring make meeting Green goals easy and affordable.  Lucid Design Group’s new Building Dashboard is on the forefront of integration and offers user friendly features like graphical representation of power usage.…

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