Comprehensive Sustainability through Manufacturing: A Look at US Manufacturing of AV Products

Environmental responsibility is a whole system process that coordinates design, sourcing, implementation, use, end of life management, supply chain management, packaging, shipping and fair labor.  Environmental responsibility is an architect of comprehensive sustainability founded on corporate social responsibility and future-focused commitments.

To delve deeper into comprehensive sustainability at work in the audiovisual industry, Project Green AV is starting closest to home with a look at US manufacturing of AV products.  As we continue our research and commitment to industry-wide global environmental responsibility, we look forward to featuring advancements in responsible production and distribution throughout the Americas, in Europe, Australia and Asia.

From the local point of view, manufacturing products in the US for distribution to the US and the Americas minimizes carbon impact, increases efficiency and reduces cost.  But US manufacturing practices and standards provide more comprehensive positive environmental impact than just carbon reduction.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) publishes The Facts About Modern Manufacturing that outlines advancements in US manufacturing, including the environmentally responsible features of domestic production.  In the eighth edition of the report, NIST states that “U.S. companies are among the global leaders in developing the technical innovations that can enable countries to become more energy efficient while also achieving the economic growth so essential to improving the living standards of their citizens.”  Further, the report explains that “continued technical innovation by U.S. manufacturers will be one of the keys for a successful global response to the problem of climate change.”

From ISO Certifications to waste reduction initiatives to responsible supply chain management and environmentally-focused best practices for manufacturing and overall business, audiovisual companies throughout the US strive to harness the power of innovation to create more sustainable futures for their employees and customers, through responsible production and distribution of sustainably designed products.

Most of us are familiar with the large companies that manufacture AV equipment in the US like AMX and Crestron; Project Green AV reached out to our audiovisual industry colleagues to learn more about manufacturers of all sizes who are making products in the US that play roles at all phases of the industry.  Manufacturers large and small, with single and multiple production facilities, share the mission to innovate, maintain quality and support local employment by committing to US manufacturing.

Our list, like our industry’s innovative response to environmentally responsible calls to action, continues to grow.  Access the list to see how our AV industry contributes to American manufacturing and to connect to new manufacturing resources and collaboration opportunities when the new Project Green AV site debuts in June.

Are you manufacturing AV products in the US?  Contact us to share your story.

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