Green AV Programming: A Total Environmental Approach

In the Green AV context, control systems programming emerges as the fusion of many of the approaches that guide environmental responsibility across the audiovisual industry.  Like lifecycle awareness, total environmental profile and integrated building technology, programming takes a holistic view of AV and applies solutions for energy efficiency, cost savings, and lifecycle and performance considerations to create a high performance, low environmental impact system experience.

In one of our earliest Project Green AV Voices pieces (“Green AV through Control Systems Programming”), Steve Greenblatt, President of Control Concepts, shared his thoughts on programming as a fundamental Green AV activity and a clear-cut way to improve the environmental impact of systems of all types.  In his post for Project Green AV, Steve explains that “any integrated AV system can become ‘Green-er’ by applying the appropriate control system programming solutions.”

As Steve and other control systems programmers understand, system features and product design create the opportunity for AV programming to improve environmental performance and user experience without reducing user expectations or adding burdens to user responsibility.  At its most basic, Green AV programming works with room sensors, power settings and performance settings.  Taken to the next level, AV programming is optimized for energy management; programmers are able to monitor and manage energy across multiple systems inside a room and throughout a building to increase cost savings and decrease energy consumption, never at the expense of performance.

PGAV TCO Green AV University WebinarsThe new InfoComm Audiovisual System Energy Management Standard, released this spring, “defines and prescribes processes and requirements for ongoing power-consumption management of the audiovisual (AV) system,” according to InfoComm.  Christopher Maione, President of Christopher Maione Associates and a Project Green AV Voices Contributor and Our Community Member, sat on the InfoComm Energy Management Standard Committee.  Christopher will share his insight on the standard and what it means for programmers, other Green AV professionals and their clients, in the upcoming PGAV Green AV University Webinar: Structure Sustainable AV: How Guidelines, Standards and Programs Empower AV Pros, on August 21. 

In the space of energy management, lifecycle, and total environmental profile, AV programming is an essential component of environmentally responsible AV and a leading example of how advances in technology lead to improvements in environmental impact and performance.

Project Green AV is currently compiling a list of Green AV programmers to add to our STEP Quick Reference Guide.  If you are, or have worked with a Green AV programmer, contact us.

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