Spotlight on AMX: Culture of Sustainability

AMX is committed to a culture of sustainability, a culture that extends to product design, use and lifecycle management but also on-site facilities management and employee behavior.  The company is integrating sustainability into more building systems and has, as Michael Carter, Director of Integrated Building Solutions at AMX says, “adopted the mantle of sustainability.”

“We are strong believers in sustainability and that helps drive initiatives,” shares Michael.  With AMX’s focus on smart, integrated building technologies, the aim is not only to make the AV more sustainable but to make whole facilities more efficient and sustainable now and over time.

Michael understands sustainability in a broad context that encapsulates AMX’s culture of sustainability: “a sustainable business is not just whether you make products or operate in a sustainable model… sustainability is about long-term, being able to continue doing what you want to do.”  To describe AMX’s long-range view of sustainability, Michael looks to the United Nations’ founding documents on sustainability, explaining, “the UN commission on sustainability… is doing no harm to future generations… and that includes everything you do.”  For AMX, this accurately represents the company’s methodology. …

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Spotlight on Audio Video Invasion: Synthesizing Green AV Education and Action

Audio Video Invasion (AVI), located in Plainview, NY, builds environmental responsibility and CSR into its operations and promotes energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in AV installations.

The company seeks AV components and products manufactured in the USA.  Ellen Giuffrida, Executive Assistant/Marketing and Media, boasts of some of the American made audiovisual products that her company installs: Triad and James Loudspeakers; Middle Atlantic Products rack systems; Vutec, Draper, and DaLite projector screens as well as home theater and AV cabinetry furniture made in the US of sustainable materials.

For the past five years, Audio Video Invasion has improved internal Green business practices starting by recycling cardboard packaging for shipments, using recycled office products and outfitting office space with dimmable and programmable, motion sensor enabled lighting and HVAC control.…

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Spotlight on Lockheed Martin: Bringing New Life to AV Equipment

Lockheed Martin - AV Recycling

Joseph Julian, Multimedia Products Analyst at Lockheed Martin, saves the brackets from the walls.  He saves every piece of AV equipment and ancillary equipment from installations, rooms and offices in an “AV graveyard” and manages them through a complex database that guarantees none of Lockheed Martin’s equipment- whatever size- will end up in landfills.

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Spotlight on Lencore: A Whole Environment Approach to Green AV

Project Overview: Lencore Acoustics has a straightforward approach to environmental sustainability: consider the “whole environment,” which is exactly what the company strives to do in its products and in-house business practices.

Whole environmental quality, particularly acoustic environmental quality, guides Lencore in design and manufacturing and is a directive for end user product satisfaction. Marketing Director Jodi Jacobs describes it as “a proactive approach to building environments that provide privacy and comfort” Their energy efficient systems address speech privacy in office and health care settings and afford occupants the ability to communicate, collaborate and concentrate. Lencore is driven by the long-term concern that “we have a planet to live in and we have to be aware” of our impact and the short-term necessity to respond to customer needs with products that improve the quality of the immediate environment around them.

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Spotlight on Da-Lite: Environmentally Responsible Inside and Out

Da-Lite Screen Company won the InfoComm Green AV Award in 2011 for putting environmentally responsible ideas into action in products like its Green Guard certified screens but the manufacturer does the same in its own business practices, facility operation and community outreach.

In addition to holding ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, Da-Lite’s global headquarters in Warsaw, Indiana, is a zero landfill facility that practices lean manufacturing.  Lean manufacturing means less scrap, less reworked product and a mandate to continue to improve the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

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Spotlight on TCO: Certifications for Performance & the Environment

Project Overview: TCO Development began certifying IT products for performance and environmental responsibility nearly two decades ago. The company that started by looking at the health, safety and performance of displays, more recently moved into the AV sector by addressing the environmental impact of projectors and opening 3 new labs in Asia this July. Of TCO’s presence in Green AV certification, Annika Overödder, the Business Area Manager for Communication Technology, Projectors at TCO, says it is a “natural extension” of TCO’s mission.

Clare Hobby, Regional Manager for North America, adds that the company is “excited [its certifications are] coming to AV [because] people are looking for this kind of solution.”

The solution is based on a commitment to certify products that achieve superior performance and environmental responsibility without sacrificing one for the other.

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CEA eCycling Leadership Initiative: Not Just a Green Business Idea, A New Business Plan

Project Overview: Project Green AV had the pleasure of speaking with Walter Alcorn, CEA’s Vice President for Environmental Affairs and Industry Sustainability, to learn more about the motivation for the newly launched eCycling Leadership Initiative, the implementation of Green business practices and how CEA sees its role in promoting new business opportunities for manufacturers.

Achieving the Goals of the CEA eCycling Leadership Initiative

This month, CEA launched the eCycling Leadership Initiative, the first ever industry-wide electronics recycling initiative with the goal of recycling one billion pounds of electronics equipment in one year (three times the amount of electronics recycled in 2010).

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Spotlight on Fultech: Smart Solutions, Cost Savings and the Ease of Green AV

Project Overview: After 15 years in the commercial and residential automation business, Fultech Solutions and CEO Dan Fulmer want everyone to know that “smart homes [and corporate facilities] are not just fancy widgets.” The smart facilities that Dan and his team at Fultech create exemplify environmental responsibility and longevity without sacrificing technology and performance.

The Fultech showroom in Jacksonville, Florida has earned rave reviews from CEPro and the USGBC. Fultech built the showroom to demonstrate that Building Management Systems and smart integration are not just the domain of HVAC. Systems can scale up to manage lighting, security, and IT to conserve and manage energy, improve performance and save money over time.

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Westminster College AV: Reduce, Recycle, Reach Out


Project Overview: The AV staff at Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA partnered with Pittsburg-based E-Stewards Program approved A GreenSpan to hold an electronics recycling event that collected 3,176 pounds of equipment from students, faculty, staff and the community.

The AV Staff is led by Gary Swanson, the director, Katie Hilliard, assistant director, and AV assistant operations manager Rachel Hoffman.

Hoffman was impressed by the turnout, saying that it represents “an increased awareness among college students about the importance of environmental responsibility and recycling.”

According to Hoffman and the AV staff, the AV department is an ideal campus leader in environmental responsibility because it witnesses first-hand the cost and opportunities for saving energy and resources and properly handling hazardous materials.

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Spotlight on AV Spin : A New Green AV Team Tackles E-Waste

Project Overview: AV Spin, Spinitar’s brand new AV distributor site (formerly that provides products, services and tutorials, hosted an e-waste recycling event that brought out employees, clients and neighbors this spring.

Spin Cycle, the first of what the company plans to make an annual event, saved a variety of electronics from landfills, where they would have leached hazardous substances into the soil. Products collected include TVs, LCDs, mobile phones, laptops and multiple pieces of office and home electronics equipment.

“People aren’t sure what to do with their [electronics]… recycling is a little difficult for e-waste, a little inconvenient,” says Melinda Ziemer, Marketing Specialist for AV Spin.

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