Taking Inventory- Green Task #2: Electronic Library Organization

Electronic Library, what is an Electronic Library?  A place to read on-line materials?  Basically that is correct, any written material that you can read with a computer, tablet or device.  Wikipedia defines a Digital Library  as a library stored in a digital format, as opposed to print.  Barnes and Nobles has their Nook tablet series that accesses their on-line book portal.  Buy an electronic book and read it on your Nook, paperless at its best, using a device light in weight and fun to read anywhere.  Newspapers, magazines and school books are all going electronic and changing with the current technology innovations. …

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Open Source Classroom AV Control Software

open source software solutions for av control Project Green AVWith 20+ years in the AV industry I have long been an advocate of standardized systems in the AV world – for many reasons including they’re Green.  However, year after year I have heard the same responses from my sales team; standardized systems are not custom so we can’t charge as much, and they can be installed by anyone so we lose that charge, and they can be supported by anyone so we can’t offer a custom support policy.

While Efficient AV = Green AV it does not equal maximized profits, and there lies the rub. If we look specifically at the K-12/EDU market I think all would agree that there are additional needs for the good of our schools that make this a different argument that most can stomach.…

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Energy Management Programming

Following up on my earlier post entitled “Green AV through Control System Programming”, I promised to share programming-centric Green AV solutions.  A great example of how control system programming and Green AV intersect is through energy management solutions.

Steve GreenblattEnergy management is a hot topic these days with the recent adoption of the ANSI/InfoComm Audiovisual Systems Energy Management standard.  Energy management involves a combination of design, programming, settings, and measurement.  The process resembles the age-old scientific method of developing a hypothesis, defining an experiment, evaluating the results, and refining the hypothesis until it proven.

Energy management starts with establishing a baseline of energy usage, making a commitment to energy savings, and establishing a goal. …

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Back from InfoComm: Lessons Learned

We are all back and settled from our time at Infocomm 2012 and hopefully, like myself, you found it valuable in time, resources and relationship building.  Personally, I am always overwhelmed by shows this large because the stimulus is so great.  How about all the beer this year?  It seems everywhere I turned, there was beer.  Beer and Pretzels, beer at the lobby and beer on the floor.  I was at one area of the show and there was a beer station in four different manufacturer’s booths and the area was packed.  Guess it works.

I share my perspective with you from a very different angle, the educational aspect of the show which finds few comments after the event is over. …

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PGAV Green AV Guide Update 3

Join PGAV Voices Contributor today at InfoComm for the seminar What Every AV Integrator Needs to Know About Project Closeout.

Session #IS017
Wednesday, 6/13
10:30am – 12:00pm
Room N255

Session Overview

  • Understand basic principles of handover and project documentation
  • Learn how to organize documents
  • Learn what is required at close-out
  • Get training on handover, documentation and sign-off
  • Understand how to use documents for troubleshooting
  • Save time and cost for your company and customer
  • Learn electronic storage
  • Understand historical reference
  • Achieve the foundation to start future upgrades

Get more in PGAV Green AV Guide to InfoComm 2012.


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PGAV Green AV Guide Update 2

On Tuesday, June 12, join Project Green AV Voices Contributor Christopher Maione, Green AV University Series co-contributor Annika Overodder and STEP Director Allen Weidman at Projection Summit for a Green AV Panel.

Las Vegas Hotel; Pavilion 10-11
Tuesday, 6/12
Session 6

Learn more about Projection Summit and don’t miss this great Green AV Event tomorrow!

Get more Green AV InfoComm Insight: PGAV Green AV Guide 2012


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PGAV Green AV Guide Update 1

Remember environmental responsibility at this year’s InfoComm. Connect with PGAV colleagues, PGAV Voices Contributors and other leaders in the field of sustainable AV.

Catch today’s Sneak Peek: Steve Greenblatt, CTS, President of Control Concepts and PGAV Voices Contributor will present IS043 Control System Solutions for Energy Management

Friday June 15, 10:30am – noon Presented by Steve Greenblatt, Control Concepts and John Michener, Rocking M Coding & Design Co.

Overview: The control system is the heart of the AV system balancing ease of use with system functionality. Energy management is becoming a part of the functionality requirement of most systems with the ideal scenario of saving energy with little or no impact on system performance.…

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Have you taken an Inventory yet?

By M. Wurch; Mary Meeker Design, Inc.

When I first thought about Green AV four years ago, I started at the top and found a huge hill to climb before I could reach the Green AV platform. I quickly realized the hill was too big for me to climb alone. So I looked around the base of the hill and started to break it into smaller pieces. It was the smaller pieces that turned on the Green light with glimmers of how the AV industry can take steps toward Green solutions. I call these STEPs “Green Tasks”.

A long time ago I learned, a goal can be overwhelming but by breaking the end result into smaller pieces, you will get there, one STEP at a time.…

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The More You Know: Energy Dashboards, Bureaucracy & The Founding Fathers of LEED

John Pitcher, COO of EcoTech International and Rob Watson, the often termed “Father of LEED,” guest posted on Green Tech Media’s blog, GreenTechGrid, slamming energy dashboards as an energy management solution.

Saying energy dashboards are “sprouting like toadstools after a rain,” Pitcher and Watson claim that dashboards are trendy, outdated tools that capitalize on green hype and offer no demonstrable value to improved energy performance in buildings.

The problem- one of the many problems- with this position is that it hinges on the idea that having information resources about building performance does not, and cannot, prompt energy, facilities management professionals (including AV design, programming and integration professionals) the opportunity to manage and improve energy consumption and design and implement solutions.…

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Talking about Green AV and US Manufacturing

IStock 000016066249Large

Talking about Green AV and US Manufacturing

We’ve been discussing US manufacturing from the Green AV perspective over on our Project Green AV LinkedIn Group and would like to hear more from you.

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