At Five Years, Project Green AV is the Audiovisual Industry’s Town Square for Sustainable Innovation

Bohemia, NY — February 18, 2013

Project Green AVSince 2008, Project Green AV has been the first and only comprehensive industry resource for sustainable news, information, education and collaboration for the audiovisual industry and its technology industry colleagues.  Now in its fifth year and planning new events and features for users, subscribers and advertisers, Project Green AV brings together thought leaders and innovators from all sectors of the audiovisual industry.  As Steve Greenblatt, President of Control Concepts, Inc, and member of InfoComm Committees including the Audiovisual Systems Energy Management Task Force, explains, “Project Green AV is the go to resource for everything Green in the audiovisual industry.”

To mark its five year milestone, Project Green AV renews its commitment to deliver exclusive and unique sustainable AV content that is practical actionable, unbiased, and current, continuing to cover news from AV manufacturers like AMX, Crestron, Lencore and Middle Atlantic as well as other established and emerging industry leaders in manufacturing, consulting, programming and integration. …

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LINKED2 SOFTWARE Announces Availability for its Innovative New Energy Dashboard, a Complete Solution for Energy Monitoring Ready Out of the Box for Building Automation

Atlanta, GA – January 24, 2013

LINKED2 SOFTWARE, the nation’s leading developer of small and mid-sized building automation products today announces the immediate availability of its L2 Energy Dashboard for monitoring facility energy usage. Dealers now have a low cost, ultra-simple method of providing a Digital Signage type service to monitor and track a building’s energy usage. In addition, this new service opens up a brand new recurring revenue stream for dealers to help improve their bottom-line and retain their customers for the long term.

Another great advantage to dealers is that the Energy Dashboard is ready for immediate upgrade for HVAC, Lighting Automation and Control – with no custom Crestron coding required.…

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Control Concepts and SurgeX Partner to Deliver Intuitive Control

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Caster Communications, Inc. at 401.792.7080

Integrators now have the ability to monitor and manage a system’s power distribution through popular automation systems, enabling complete control of a system.

Control Concepts and SurgeX partner for intuitive control energy management green avZebulon, NC – November 19, 2012 – SurgeX, the leader in surge elimination and energy intelligence, announces the availability of Crestron and AMX control system interface modules designed by Control Concepts, a company with over 15 years of control programming for AV consultants, integrators, end users, and manufacturers. Smart energy management is playing an emergent role in homes and businesses, and the new automation modules will provide intelligent options for power management, measurement and reporting.…

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Spotlight on AMX: Culture of Sustainability

AMX is committed to a culture of sustainability, a culture that extends to product design, use and lifecycle management but also on-site facilities management and employee behavior.  The company is integrating sustainability into more building systems and has, as Michael Carter, Director of Integrated Building Solutions at AMX says, “adopted the mantle of sustainability.”

“We are strong believers in sustainability and that helps drive initiatives,” shares Michael.  With AMX’s focus on smart, integrated building technologies, the aim is not only to make the AV more sustainable but to make whole facilities more efficient and sustainable now and over time.

Michael understands sustainability in a broad context that encapsulates AMX’s culture of sustainability: “a sustainable business is not just whether you make products or operate in a sustainable model… sustainability is about long-term, being able to continue doing what you want to do.”  To describe AMX’s long-range view of sustainability, Michael looks to the United Nations’ founding documents on sustainability, explaining, “the UN commission on sustainability… is doing no harm to future generations… and that includes everything you do.”  For AMX, this accurately represents the company’s methodology. …

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Product Green: Linked2 Software, Q&A with Richard Blackwell

linked2 software project green avRichard Blackwell founded Linked2 Software in January2012 with the aim to provide a cloud based, open source solution for energy management.

Linked2Software is a sustainable, consistent solution for classrooms and other facilities, saving users money, time and effort.

The company understands that “in pyramid of intelligent room, control software is on the top” and creates flexible solutions that allow customers to choose the hardware they prefer.

We sat down with Richard to discuss the evolution of Linked2 Software, the impact of open source, cloud based solutions on the education market and the sustainability profile of his product.

Why are open source cloud based solutions the answer for energy management in the education space?

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RelampIt’s 4th Annual Raffle Kicks Off During AV Week 2012

Gina Sansivero
Phone: (631) 244-0051 ext: 104
FAX:   (631) 244-0053

Bohemia, NY – October 11, 2012

RelampIT Recycle Projector Lamp AV Week 2012Each year audiovisual professionals celebrate the AV industry during a week-long event in October, known as AV week. AV specialists use AV Week as opportunity to raise awareness of the span of AV applications in many markets including business, government and education.  Without a doubt, this is also a fine occasion for RelampIt to encourage recycling within the markets that AV touches, and reinforce the industry’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

RelampIt receives thousands of lamps during their month long projector lamp recycling program every year. …

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Draper Brings Lifecycle Management to New Product

Draper EcoMatt Project Green AVScreen manufacturer Draper brings total lifecycle design to AV products with its new Cradle to Cradlecm Silver certified front projection screen, the Ecomatt XT700E.  In addition to the cradle to cradle certification that takes into account total product lifecycle and recyclable materials, the Ecomatt is RoHS compliant and GREENGUARD Certified for use in schools.

The Ecomatt screen is manufactured with certified environmentally responsible components; it is free of PVCs and constructed of 100% recyclable polyester yarn.

Cradle-to-Cradle Certification

The  Ecomatt XT700E is the first viewing surface to obtain Cradle to Cradlecm Silver certification.  Like other more familiar eco-certifications for AV and technology equipment including TCO Certified, Energy Star, RoHS and WEEE, The Cradle to Cradle Certified® program is a third party certification that takes into account multiple facets of a product from design, to materials and manufacturing processes. …

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Structure Sustainable AV: How Guidelines, Standards and Programs Empower AV Pros


Structure Sustainable AV: How Guidelines, Standards and Programs Empower AV Pros

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Project Green AV and TCO Development Present Structure Sustainable AV: How Guidelines, Standards and Programs Empower AV Pros

Green AV University Webinar Series Continues August 21

PGAV TCO Green AV University WebinarsProject Green AV and TCO Development again join forces to present the second webinar in the Green AV University Series for audiovisual professionals.  The one hour complimentary webinar, Structure Sustainable AV: How Guidelines, Standards and Programs Empower AV Pros, will be held Tuesday, August 21, 2012, at 11:00 a.m. EDT.  The webinar educates audiovisual professionals in all sectors of the industry on how to understand and apply guidelines, standards and programs and empowers Green AV professionals to create smarter, more successful Green AV innovations.

Webinar content covers products, installations, performance and end of life management, as well as sustainable guidelines, standards and programs that together build the structure for successful, sustainable AV.…

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Spotlight on Audio Video Invasion: Synthesizing Green AV Education and Action

Audio Video Invasion (AVI), located in Plainview, NY, builds environmental responsibility and CSR into its operations and promotes energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in AV installations.

The company seeks AV components and products manufactured in the USA.  Ellen Giuffrida, Executive Assistant/Marketing and Media, boasts of some of the American made audiovisual products that her company installs: Triad and James Loudspeakers; Middle Atlantic Products rack systems; Vutec, Draper, and DaLite projector screens as well as home theater and AV cabinetry furniture made in the US of sustainable materials.

For the past five years, Audio Video Invasion has improved internal Green business practices starting by recycling cardboard packaging for shipments, using recycled office products and outfitting office space with dimmable and programmable, motion sensor enabled lighting and HVAC control.…

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