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Launched in 2008, Project Green AV is the comprehensive industry resource for Green information, ideas and collaboration opportunities for the audiovisual industry.

Project Green AV is committed to bringing together AV industry colleagues to learn about, discuss and teach environmentally responsible and cost-effective solutions for AV purchases, installation, new technology and projects.

Project Green AV keeps the audiovisual industry connected to sustainable AV industry news,features and announcements; webinars and events with Green AV practitioners; community and collaboration opportunities for Green AV products and projects; resources for Green AV best practices; and more.

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Green AV: Set the Standard

It’s safe to say that the Green AV Revolution is over. The audio visual industry is now facing the practical reality of developing and applying consistent, repeatable, cost-effective and recognizable environmentally responsible business practices, processes and products.

Pro-AV businesses and end users are in a unique position. Having been boxed out of LEED, AV has had a harder time pitching its advances in environmentally responsible products and practices. At the same time, the AV industry has not been involved in greenwashing the way many other industries have, nor is AV associated with recent lawsuits against the USGBC LEED program.

What needs to happen for Green AV to become the standard for AV products, practices and processes and how can the industry expect to see a Green AV improve the bottom line for AV businesses?

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