Control Concepts and SurgeX Partner to Deliver Intuitive Control

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Integrators now have the ability to monitor and manage a system’s power distribution through popular automation systems, enabling complete control of a system.

Control Concepts and SurgeX partner for intuitive control energy management green avZebulon, NC – November 19, 2012 – SurgeX, the leader in surge elimination and energy intelligence, announces the availability of Crestron and AMX control system interface modules designed by Control Concepts, a company with over 15 years of control programming for AV consultants, integrators, end users, and manufacturers. Smart energy management is playing an emergent role in homes and businesses, and the new automation modules will provide intelligent options for power management, measurement and reporting.…

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Spotlight on AMX: Culture of Sustainability

AMX is committed to a culture of sustainability, a culture that extends to product design, use and lifecycle management but also on-site facilities management and employee behavior.  The company is integrating sustainability into more building systems and has, as Michael Carter, Director of Integrated Building Solutions at AMX says, “adopted the mantle of sustainability.”

“We are strong believers in sustainability and that helps drive initiatives,” shares Michael.  With AMX’s focus on smart, integrated building technologies, the aim is not only to make the AV more sustainable but to make whole facilities more efficient and sustainable now and over time.

Michael understands sustainability in a broad context that encapsulates AMX’s culture of sustainability: “a sustainable business is not just whether you make products or operate in a sustainable model… sustainability is about long-term, being able to continue doing what you want to do.”  To describe AMX’s long-range view of sustainability, Michael looks to the United Nations’ founding documents on sustainability, explaining, “the UN commission on sustainability… is doing no harm to future generations… and that includes everything you do.”  For AMX, this accurately represents the company’s methodology. …

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Product Green: Linked2 Software, Q&A with Richard Blackwell

linked2 software project green avRichard Blackwell founded Linked2 Software in January2012 with the aim to provide a cloud based, open source solution for energy management.

Linked2Software is a sustainable, consistent solution for classrooms and other facilities, saving users money, time and effort.

The company understands that “in pyramid of intelligent room, control software is on the top” and creates flexible solutions that allow customers to choose the hardware they prefer.

We sat down with Richard to discuss the evolution of Linked2 Software, the impact of open source, cloud based solutions on the education market and the sustainability profile of his product.

Why are open source cloud based solutions the answer for energy management in the education space?

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Taking Inventory- Green Task #2: Electronic Library Organization

Electronic Library, what is an Electronic Library?  A place to read on-line materials?  Basically that is correct, any written material that you can read with a computer, tablet or device.  Wikipedia defines a Digital Library  as a library stored in a digital format, as opposed to print.  Barnes and Nobles has their Nook tablet series that accesses their on-line book portal.  Buy an electronic book and read it on your Nook, paperless at its best, using a device light in weight and fun to read anywhere.  Newspapers, magazines and school books are all going electronic and changing with the current technology innovations. …

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